Japanese Eggs!

egg face

One of the most amazing things about getting to travel is eating the food. No matter where we come from or what our roots are, food is the culture that brings us all together. While in Japan, I got to experience a whole pot full of new and familiar foods, the best of which were the eggs. Now of all the things we ate a lot of people have told me, “Really, the eggs? You got to eat ramen in Japan and go to Mr. Doughnut and you’re going to tell me your favorite meal was eggs?” BECAUSE YES!


The thing about eggs is that they’re so versatile. You can have them fried, boiled, omelet style, scrambled, custard, in soup, over rice, on salad, anything you want. Then, the thing about other countries is that we all cook our things differently. In America we consider an omelet flat and folded in half with stuff inside, in Japan its rolled into a log in a rectangle frying pan. In America scrambled eggs are cooked until there’s no liquid left, in Japan they’re cooked until they’re thick and creamy and almost like a stew. And the tamago gohan… Oh the tamago gohan, a taste of childhood that you just can’t get anywhere. Tamago gohan, or more commonly known in Hawaii as egg rice, was something I would eat with my grandma on cold days or with my friends when we were lazy for dinner and didn’t want to cook. A fresh pot of rice, fresh uncooked eggs, and a dash of shoyu was all you needed.


I’ll tell you a secret, standard Japanese eggs are not like standard American eggs. Whatever they feed their chickens, it’s not like in the US. The yolks of Japanese eggs are a dark orange compared to American eggs that are more yellow. Whatever this difference is, it makes the eggs taste different too. I would avoid eating egg rice too often when I was younger because even with the shoyu and fresh rice, a lot of the time it just tasted like watery eggs and soggy rice. That, and everyone always told me that I’ll get sick if I eat raw eggs, psh. In Japan though, I got as much as I could, not just tamago gohan, but all of the egg dishes. They were just all so good, and I’m so lucky we got to pick what we wanted to eat every morning because I did not miss breakfast once. I’m going to miss those runny yolks and creamy scrambled eggs more than anything.



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