My First Japan Visit

My first Japan visit was one to remember. I am truly blessed to have been apart of the Tomodachi Kakehashi Inouye Scholars Program and will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. I would say the one thing that I was looking forward to most was definitely the Japanese cuisine. After trying a variety of different foods, I can say with a definitive answer that it definitely did not disappoint. I was very pleased with the selection of food that the chaperones made, and it made me even happier that most of the places were buffet style. Unfortunately, since I was so ecstatic about the food, I forgot to take pictures of most of my meals. Although here are four pictures I managed to find before I started to eat.

Sashimi, fried chicken, salad, sukiyaki
Assorted food: curry, sweet potato, pumpkin, salad, fried chicken, pizza, and tempura
Ramen and gyoza
Assorted vegetables, fish and chicken

The three things that I noticed that is different compared to food in America, specifically Hawaii are the portion, quality, and healthiness. The portions in Japan compared to Hawaii are significantly smaller. This became a problem for me when we had lunch, since it was not buffet style. Although the food was very good, it was simply not enough to fulfill my stomach. The second thing I noticed in due part was that Japan focused on quality not quantity. Although there wasn’t as much food as lunch plates in Hawaii, the quality of the food was notably higher. All the food we ate looked and tasted fresh, even at the 711. I was shocked to see that even at the 711 the quality of rice and curry was very good. Then there was healthiness in the food. In almost every meal there was some sort of vegetable or healthy piece of food in the meal. I thought it was amusing thinking about what people in Japan eat compared to what people in Hawaii eat. Even at breakfast almost every place we went to offered salad and fruits, whereas in Hawaii people eat for breakfast loco moco with gravy all over and a side of mac salad. Finally the best meal I had in Japan was definitely the shabu shabu. It was the first time that I used a raw egg as sauce for shabu shabu, and at first I was scared, but once I tried it was amazing. Overall I had a great experience trying all these different foods in Japan and it was definitely worth the 8 pounds I gained after the trip.


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