A Letter to Japan by Kathleen Corpuz

Dear Japan,

From the time our plane had landed, you have welcomed us with a warm weather and fresh air to breathe. We are thankful for the kindness that you have shown us. With your help, we had the chance to eat ramen, take beautiful pictures in your cities and meet a lot of smart and talented individuals.

toyota group.jpg

I personally want to thank the Kyushu University students who made it easier for us to adjust to our surroundings. They gave us a tour around the underground mall, and they even taught us how to ride the subway! Our group received free samples from vendors, and Sonhei helped us buy souvenirs for our friends and family. Through email, Facebook and Instagram, I feel that we can keep connected in order to maintain our cultural bridge.


Who knew that a Filipina American girl will get a chance to travel to Japan? I left your country with much confidence and hope for the future. Hearing the presentation from the U.S. Japan Council gave me many ideas on how I can contribute in preserving our political, social and cultural bridge such as working at the city hall in Fukuoka. I realized that I am capable of creating change. Members of the U.S. Japan Council shared their experiences in learning English and Japanese language. It is very important as ambassadors of our country to speak many languages, therefore, I am working on learning a new language to become a better advocate for my community.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.24.19 PM.png

My passion to major in American Studies was strengthened through this program. Truly, I want to leave a legacy in helping our countries thrive. I would like to give a big mahalo to all of the people who made this trip possible and who welcomed us with warm smiles. I am looking forward to returning once again as a strong and independent woman.

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