A Day at the City Hall by Kathleen Corpuz

The city of Fukuoka has a sister state relationship with Hawaii. Our group was invited by city officials to listen to a presentation from an American citizen who has developed a passion in serving the Japanese community. He gave us a glimpse of his everyday life in Japan from tasting fresh strawberries to teaching English to young adults. What an inspiring speaker!


We saw a model of Fukuoka in which we saw the intricate design of the city. From observing the model, we realized the time and effort Japanese engineers and architects in making sure that people could get from one place to another. The infrastructure is well thought out and is meant to last for a long time. Perhaps our own Aloha state can learn to improve our own infrastructure from Japan.

Being from Hawaii, it made me so excited to see our island in relation to Japan. Our state has truly made its mark in the international community. Most maps do not feature the Hawaiian islands and is often dismissed because of its size and geographic location. Clearly, we were happy to see our islands featured in the city hall gallery.


Tate Williams presented our gift to the speaker and thanked him for his time. From his presentation, we are thrilled to return to Japan in the future. He has given us inspiration to perhaps teach and serve the Japanese community in any way we can. He made us feel comfortable and ecstatic to take on the challenge to be an effective global citizen.



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