Finding Sakura by Kathleen Corpuz & Jill Ikeda

One of the highlights to coming to Japan during the spring season is to view the cherry blossoms, or in Japanese, they’re referred to as sakura. At Maizuru Park, there was more to the landscape design than just good looks. We experienced Japan’s beautiful sunny weather while we looked for cherry blossom trees. It was a great day to take pictures, exercise and to embrace the natural beauty of the country.

We were welcomed with bright-colored flowers at the entrance of the park. Many of us took the opportunity to strike a pose in the flower garden to post in our social media. The colorful flowers were not only visually appealing, but also spiritually and emotionally healing. The calm ambience of the park, for a moment, made us forget our responsibilities we have at home.

Along with cherry blossoms, other flowers are found at Maizuru Park, including plum blossoms.

The park is utilized by people of all ages who enjoy spending time with their friends and family. There were many activities that visitors and residents were engaged in. Our group was excited to try out various activities that embraced our inner childhood. What were some of these activities you ask? Well….



We took the time to relax and reflect on our experiences while enjoying the beautiful scenery. (If you see in the back, you can also ride the duck boats on the lake).


Kathleen and Jill posing in the flowers.

It was a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy nature in Japan. We were fortunate to catch the cherry blossoms at the start of the season! We hope to have the chance to view Japan’s nature again.


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