Chiba Institute of Technology Tokyo Skytee Town Campus

On March 30th we visited the Tokyo Skytree. In the Tokyo Skytree we then visited a technology gallery held by the Chiba Institute of Technology.

Tokyo Skytree


One of the exhibits was of the rescue robot “Rosemary”. This model is the latest of models used at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to conduct surveys, collect data, and performing tasks toward the decommissioning of the reactors. The Chiba Institute of Technology was the first organization to deploy a robot at the Fukushima nuclear plant. This type of technology is crucial for Japan considering the nature of its environment and propensity for earthquakes.


Another exhibit was the “ON-THE-FLY PAPER”, where an animation was projected onto a paper. The projected animation matched the corresponding design on the paper. Here is an example of the tracking and animation projection process.


Next were the “morph project” humanoid robots. These robots were designed and built in the early 2000’s in order to “integrate the element technologies, and autonomous control systems for motions of the entire body”. Each mechanism was purpose built for the body resulting in high functionality, and maintainability.

Lastly, a miniature model of the Hallucigenia01, a experimental prototype vehicle classified as a multi-jointed robot with 32 separate motors. This vehicle displays exceptional maneuverability which is exceptionally useful in the tight urban environment of many of Japan’s cities. Here is a video the Hallucigenia01 in action.


All in all, the technology on display at this exhibit was very impressive and beyond anything that I had experienced first hand in Hawaii. Should I visit Tokyo again some day I will definitely visit the CIT Tokyo Skytree Campus to see what new exhibits they have to offer!


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