My Experience in Japan


Yusentei Tea Garden


The Yusentei Tea Garden was one of my favorite places that we visited, especially because I am a part of the UH Manoa Tea Ceremony club. It was great being able to see an actual tea garden, compared to the miniature one that exists on campus at UH, and a different architecturally styled tea house.


One of the interesting things about the tea garden is that it had included mini figurines on their small plants at the beginning of the garden, which I felt was a cute and modern approach to welcome a wider audience into the garden.


The garden included flowers, like camellia flowers…


a waterfall…IMG_0465.JPG

a huge pond filled with koi fish…IMG_0416.JPG

and many more aesthetically pleasing structures.IMG_0474.JPGIMG_0494.JPG

It was also great to see the different tea bowls that they served us, since in the UH Tea Ceremony club we are told to treat objects as if you will never see them again.


There are often flower arrangements, scrolls, and other objects placed for the guests to look at during a tea ceremony. It was interesting to see a more modern flower arrangement.


The design of each tea bowl was interesting to look at as well.


The Yusentei tea garden was great because I’m personally very interested in the subject and I’m excited to share what I saw and learned with my club members.


The food in Japan is the best thing I ever eaten. Not only does it taste phenomenal, but they prepare the food so beautifully. It shows how much effort was put into the food and it made the dish taste even better. I would move to Japan just for the food.IMG_0529.JPG

I’m glad we were given some free time during our visit to the Tokyo skytree because we were able to visit the Gion Tsujiri shop and get delicious tri-flavored matcha ice cream and many other matcha goods.

My lifelong dream to eat matcha soft serve ice cream in Japan was fulfilled
Delicious shabu shabu!

I was treated to cold stone ice cream by one of the Kyushu University students, Hiromi. IMG_0394.JPG

Fresh original takoyaki being made!
IMG_0344 (2).JPG
Adorable choco bananas being served at the food booths in Ohori park



Our first meal in Japan, delicious udon and tempura

Kyushu University Students

It was very fun getting to meet the Kyushu University students again in Japan. They showed us around Hakata and Tenjin, where we went to play arcade games, take funny pictures, go shopping, and eat Hakata ramen.

Eating delicious ramen with our awesome Kyushu University students


Final Words

Japan is an amazing country full of culture and interesting history and I am and will be forever grateful to the Kakehashi Tomodachi Daniel Inouye Scholars Program for allowing me to experience a week full of everlasting memories and allowing everyone to create new relationships with fellow scholars, guides, Kyushu students, and everyone we have met during the program.

seat mates for the flight to Japan and back!
Suspicious activity


Ichi-san doing an amazing job at translating
Shabu shabu dinner party and last dinner in Fukuoka


Thank you Patsy and Christine for chaperoning and watching over us!



Special thanks to Hiromi for showing me all the good snacks to get in Japan!IMG_0383.JPG

Thank you Ichikawa-san for continuously working hard and coordinating our trip!


Frank about to attack Brent (just kidding).

Thank you Frank for picking awesome places to eat and visit!

Shopping with Charissa and Chelsea

It was an unforgettable experience and I hope to contribute to Japan-America relations with everyone in the future. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone I met in the program!


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