10 Facts of Jen Kakio

Jen and her dad at Osaka Castle Summer of 2015. Fun Fact: Her dad’s permanent address is Kobe, but has family in Osaka.

For a more professional insight on Jen, please visit the “About the Scholars” page.

  1. is Okinawan Japanese.
    1. Can’t speak either language, but oddly understands some Japanese
  2. loves watching movies and TV shows, but has a hard time pinpointing her favoriate ones.
    1. Latest TV show: The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) & Stranger Things (Netflix)
    2. Current TV show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia (FX) & The Walking Dead (AMC)
  3. is obsessed with YouTube videos.
  4. loves to travel and really wants to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
    1. Places I’ve been to are Netherlands, Italy, Prague,  Germany, Austra, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and varies States in America.

      Wieliczka Salt Mines–Summer 2012. Although it is not recommended to lick the salt mines, Jen regrets nothing. Ha!
  5. trained in Muay Thai and hopes to learn either Aikido or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu1935064_1255399709229_2149796_n
  6.  obsessed with stationary, pens, notebooks, and bullet journaling.
  7. Favorite Actor: Tom Hardy
  8. can NEVER turn down french fries, potato chips, a cupcake, and curry–no matter how full she feels.
  9. really wants a Ph.D. but doesn’t know in what exactly.
  10. has published two poems, but she doesn’t consider herself as a poet or writer.
  11. BONUS: would give ANYTHING to learn how to draw!


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